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Meadowbrook Family Dentists, located at the corner of Long Lake & Rochester Roads in Troy, Michigan, has served the general dentistry needs of Oakland County throughout the years. Just as modern dental treatment has come a long way since in the last decade,  Dr. Gary Clague and his staff are dedicated to the continuous improvement of their skills and your preventative dental care. 

Looking for a Dentist in Troy or the surrounding area? Dr. Gary Clague is your friendly, courteous, professional dentist in Troy, MI.  Stop by our dental office in Troy and see how we can take the stress out of dental care.

To talk with one of our friendly assistants or to schedule a dental appointment now, please call (248) 528-1611.

Troy Dentists

Preventative Dentistry

From routine cleanings and exams to emergency care, we’ll help you and your family maintain your smile.

Troy Cosmetic Dentist

Restorative Dentistry

When you need a root canal or extraction, our dentists will make the procedure pain and stress free!

Troy Family Dentist

Esthetic Dentistry

Make your smile shine brighter and whiter with our advanced teeth whitening and esthetic procedures.

Troy Dentist

Latest Dental Articles

Learn about new procedures, current news and modern advances to help you to maintain your oral health.

Specialty Procedures

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    Meet Dr. Gary Clague

    Dentistry is such a great profession. I feel so fortunate to go to the office each day doing something that I enjoy so much. I consider it a privilege to gain my patients' trust and provide for their dental health and strive to give them beautiful smiles.

    I was grateful to have had great training at Wayne State University for my undergraduate degree and the University of Michigan for my dental degree. After dental school, I was chosen for a fellowship doing all phases of dentistry in Korea at Kwangjo Christian Hospital.

    I really look forward to meeting new patients that can be a part of our dental family. "Family" is how our dental team and I treat our patients.

  • Troy Cosmetic Dentist

    Dental Crowns

    When damage or decay to a tooth is severe; our dentists will create a crown – most often from porcelain – to strengthen it or improve its appearance, restoring your problem tooth to its natural shape and size.

    Crowns are commonly used to restore damaged and misshaped teeth, as well as protect weaker teeth from breaking or becoming further damaged.

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  • Troy Family Dentist

    Porcelain Veneers

    Meadowbrook Family Dentists often uses porcelain veneers as another means of restoring discolored teeth or reshaping your teeth into a highly uniform and beautiful smile.

    Most commonly used for cosmetic purposes, veneers are crafted from very thin pieces of porcelain and bonded directly onto the front of your teeth.

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  • Troy Dentists

    Teeth Whitening

    Our Esthetic Dentists can professionally whiten your teeth to remove stains or discolorations on the outer tooth area and give you that beautiful smile you're looking for.

    Teeth Whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment that alters your teeth's natural enamel and can be accomplished at our offices or at home.

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  • Troy Dentists

    Root Canal Therapy

    When decay or infection develops or spreads inside a tooth, root canal therapy is often performed to repair it and keep the tooth from dying and having to be removed.

    With a root canal treatment, Meadowbrook Family Dentists saves the tooth by cleaning out the damaged areas and surrounding decay, and then filling the space to restore the tooth to its full use.

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  • Troy Cosmetic Dentist

    Bruxism: Clenching & Grinding Teeth

    Grinding and clenching your teeth causes dangerous damage that can include:
    - wear and flattening of teeth
    - notches near the gumline (called abfractions) where enamel has broken out
    - cracks deep inside the tooth that fracture the tooth and in some instances cause the nerve inside the tooth to become infected.

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